As a little girl growing up in Poland I was helping my mother bake delicious homemade cookies and just feeling how lucky I was! I will always treasure those special moments with her our connection was so surreal between us..wow! ( mommy and daughter)When I moved to the USA and yearning the connection I had baking homemade cookies with my mother I decided to relive that experience with my daughters and husband. My family loved my cookies and kept telling me that the World needed to taste these cookies from heaven. So, one day during the holidays I decided to take some of my homemade cookies to work to see other peoples reaction. Long and behold as I stood there nervously watching their initial reaction as they took their first bite and closed their eyes the anticipation was killing me! And all of sudden I heard a burst of WOW! Oh my God there delicious!


Before I even knew it everyone was asking me for more cookies I couldn’t keep up!. I would stay up all night baking and enjoying every minute of it knowing that my cookies would bring someone a smile and a little piece of heaven while closing their eyes. So, here I am ready to introduce to the World my delicious European homemade cookies like no other you have tried!